WC7 U7 "soon"

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WC7 U7 "soon"

Post by Chris »

Upcoming update 7 to address this at a minimum;

*Color trending for ALC non IP routers fix. Wondering if this will have any impact on third party routers. Problem mainly shows up in timelapse. Long standing problem recently became apparent on "NR" edition modules.
*BACnet/IP service port connection. Replaces Rnet direct connection for newer modules with IP service port. Quick downloads and no proprietary cable. Disclosed in recent webinar.
*PostgreSQL apt Ubuntu native version identity string fix, current "supported" OS and native OS version of PostgreSQL has a identity string that crashes SiteBuilder. Discussed on ALC share.
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Re: WC7 U7 "soon"

Post by Maxburn »

Oh boy. I shared this inside my dealer;

Please hold off on WebCTRL 7 patch 7 at this time.

Systems with this patch may have problems with displaying view graphics. Errors shown might be tan page with 500 error, or pop up black box JSP error. View graphic will not show in either case.

I'm working with ALC support to see about a supplemental patch to fix impacted systems.


There are two separate problems and there are two different fixes.

Problem 1; described as tan page with 500 error or pop up black box JSP error now has a system wide quick fix;

Shut down the WebCTRL service
Navigate to C:\WebCTRL7.0\webroot\<v7_job_file_name>\generated\ and delete the "graphics" folder.
Navigate to C:\WebCTRL7.0\jspcache\org\apache\jsp and delete all of the folders inside that folder.
Restart WebCTRL and check you graphics, everything should work now.

Problem 1 will not be fixed with an ALC system patch, please make these steps a part of applying WebCTRL patch 7.

Problem 2; graphics will show but will be broken with a small white missing picture symbol that looks like a piece of paper torn in half;

Fix for this; Open the view file in ViewBuilder and remove the spaces in the file name. Once the file name is fixed go into the system and remove the existing graphic and attach the one you just created with no spaces in the file name. Please never save view or equipment files with a space in their file name.

Problem 2 will eventually be fixed with another patch from ALC but we don't have it yet.


ALC support got back to me in a couple hours and today I see the patch got pulled.
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