CISA Cybersecurity Advisory

Controls related news and things happening that might impact the world of controls.
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CISA Cybersecurity Advisory

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Fun read. ... 200722.PDF

The ICS folks for months have been going on and on and on about non-network attacks on actual sensors. Can't get any real detail on this of course but it sure seem interesting. How does one exactly get control of an end sensor and manipulate the readings in a desirable way with without any network. Physical access, sure. One would like to think getting that in a critical environment is a huge hurdle, things are pretty well out of control at that point IMO. Time bomb planted in a sensor at manufacture? Doesn't seem to be much public info on any cases of this, least that I have been able to find.

The latest news item that brought this up again was the US seizing some power transformers. ... -concerns/

Again no news if they actually found something or how exactly it worked.

So something actually behind this other than US companies wanting to shut out foreign competition? Who knows.
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