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General off topic discussion. If it doesn't fit in any other category it goes here. Keep it clean and don't turn this into a politics or car forum or the ban hammer gets restless.
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Site Rules

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This is an adult site for adults, act like it. If your judgement is poor, expect warnings, post deletion, etc. Failure to heed these warnings will quickly escalate to a ban.

Do not post copyrighted material. Direct links to OEM manuals and documents please. Legal take down notices will be promptly dealt with. Contact admin at controls dot fail

Spam will not be tolerated, period. Product vendors are welcome to answer questions about their products or suggest their products in any relevant thread. Product vendors ARE NOT allowed to start new threads with the sole purpose of promoting their products outside of the Vendor Announcements forum. Spam posts will be deleted, posters warned. If this becomes a problem, expect a ban.

This site is for building automation professionals. All posts should consider the audience and qualification level of those engaged in any thread. Our profession deals with high voltage / power, gas burning equipment, hazardous gases, and occupant safety. Any posts offering help to modify anything that could put individual, occupant or equipment safety at risk, will be removed. Use your best judgement. The pro forum will have more leeway in this respect.

Any and all action taken by site admin / moderators is final.

Pro Forum Access Requirements

Must have a minimum of 20 posts and apply with site admin. Don’t waste your time or ours with 20 joy posts. After admin approval, a week-long poll in the pro forum will be started and existing pro members will vote based on your posts. Get more yes votes than no, approved. If the poll doesn’t receive any votes, same as a no vote.